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So what are Heat Pumps? 

In simplistic terms, air source heat pumps are another eco-friendly way of heating your home and providing you with hot water.  
Air source heat pumps generate 3-4 times the energy per 1kW of electricity, using a process which transfers heat from the air outside to inside a building. We also offer ground-to-water source heat pumps, although recently, air source heat pumps have taken the lead in popularity due to being more affordable and convenient to set up. 
Heat pump options will save you even more money for your home or business. 
Air source heat pumps take the energy that is in the air around us and convert this into heat. Imagine a fridge working, but in reverse. Samsung and Panasonic are familiar names and two of the leading makes of heat pumps. 
In addition, the industry's understanding about how to install them effectively has improved since the introduction of the UK's Renewable Heat Incentive. 
This incentive can help homes reduce their heating costs considerably. It will often pay for the whole cost of the heat pump installation. This scheme has recently been relaunched and we would be happy to provide you with the latest figures for Air Source heat pumps here. 
Tipsgrove Eco provides heat pump installation services in the Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire region. 
Panasonic air source heat pumps are perhaps the most efficient domestic heat pumps installed for homes on the market. These heat pumps continue to work well even when temperatures outside are below zero. 
Air source heat pumps can heat using the air around us, and the heat produced can often reach 35-75 degrees. This is plenty to heat a well insulated or small home. New and refurbished homes with good insulation are also perfect for heat pump installations. 
Air source heat pumps can either be 'mono-bloc' or 'bi-bloc'. A mono-bloc heat pump has one main unit outside and a controller inside. 
A bi-bloc heat pump contains 2 units. This gives some flexibility when planning a heat pump installation. The Panasonic heat pump is very quiet with low noise ratings. 

Other Equipment 

In addition to Panasonic Heat Pumps, we also supply and install Samsung and Hitachi equipment.  These are also low noise and good efficiency, but a little less expensive than the Panasonic equipment. 
If you would like to find out more about Heat Pumps, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 
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